Rent Costs

The prices indicated in CORDOBA ALQUILA includes expenses such as electricity, gas, water, cable tv, municipal taxes, and weekly change of towels sheets.

Warranty Deposit

Request for a security deposit to cover possible losses and damages of seven hundred Argentinian pesos ($ 700.00).

Again, both the rent and the deposit must be paid by the guest in cash at the check in, except monthly rental payments, which will be paid  as specified in “Rent” part of these terms and conditions.

The warranty deposit will be given back to the guest at the check out, if the apartment has been perfectly well preserved. If there were anything missing or broken, during the stay, CORDOBA ALQUILA will retain the amount necesary to repair, or rebuy from the warranty deposit. If the amount necesary were higher than the deposit, the guest shall pay the difference.


When the guest arrives, at a preset time, a representat of CORDOBA ALQUILA will recieve him/her at the rented property, where they will sign the contract and inventory report. The guest must then pay the rest of the rent owed and the warranty deposit, and will be given the keyes of the apartment.

A couple of days before the end of the contract, the guest should be in touch with CORDOBA ALQUILA in order to agree a day and time for the guest to give back the aprtment, which includes giving back the keys to the apartment, getting back the warranty deposit, prior review of the apartment to verify it`s general conditions, and inventory.

The guests are obligated to declare names and ages of all those people who will be staying in the apartments.The staying of more people in the apartment of more people than those declared is a reason for evacuatio of the apatment.

The departments must be given back in the same conditions of order and cleaning in which were presented/displayed the guest.

Stay Duration

The minimum stay is three days and maximum of six months. The temporary contracts of rent are not extendable. They have a date of beginning and a date of ending, for that reason if the guest wished to prolong his stay in the rented apartment, he/she will have to communicate it to CORDOBA ALQUILA with an anticipation of 48hours, like minimum, before its contract finalizes.

The asked for extension will be feasible only if the department is available for the new required dates.

Check in and Check out times

Check in: 3 PM

Check out: 11 AM

If a guest were to arrive before 3 PM and the apatment were unocupied, the guest can ocupy it before without paying any additional fee. If the apartment were ocupied, the guest would have to wait until the check in hour.

Contacto/Contac   (+54) 351 489-3056 / (+54) 351 480-3081 - Leon Pinelo al 270 PB, Córdoba, Argentina

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